Teaser videos

Showcase your property with our teaser videos

Teaser property video

Once the whole space is mapped out, we use our state of the art technology to produce the 3-D modelling effect and create a 10 second teaser video for presenting spaces to your clients. This includes the 3D doll’s house effect with a fly through the property, 360┬░ shots of the rooms and then zooming back into the original doll’s house effect. Not only will this impress your clients, you can easily use this as a taster for potential clients on social media.

At 3D Visual we offer a comprehensive on-going service. Once our photography has taken place, there will be no need to visit the property again. If you or your client require a highlight video, or a set of quality still photographs from any position, anywhere in the property, we can produce these, without the need to revisit. This is a benefit of saving you both time and money, not to mention also providing an extra service for your customers.

Create a memorable experience

 Make a statement with our 10 second teaser videos. Call us today to make a start on your 3D project.