Virtual reality tours

Never before have we been able to engage with our audiences like we can today. Virtual reality provides your clients with an immersive experience, as if they were truly there.

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Virtual reality tours

Walk-in tours are 3D Visual’s most popular service. It is a simple but compelling way of engaging with clients providing an unforgettable virtual reality experience. We have the ability to place your audience in a 360° world of immersive content that connects them with your brand, product or attraction like never before. We simulate a physical presence in a virtual world through the use of Virtual Reality headsets. Most people (who have children) have a VR headset to hand, however, you can purchase Google cardboard headsets for as little as a couple of pounds (branded or unbranded). Either way, 3D Visual Marketing virtual reality tours will give your clients a truly unique experience they won’t forget.

What are the advantages of VR?

  • 3D Visual VR photography is so much more than taking pictures in a 360° motion. 3D Visual use the Matterport 3D modelling system.
  • Our 4K resolution camera doesn’t just take a picture, it maps out the building, creating a scanning platform that uses bioptic cameras to produce a 3D model of the entire property.
  • The ability to generate floor plans, photographs or teaser videos from your virtual reality tour, all from just one visit (no return visits necessary!).
  • 3D Visual Reality ‘Walk-in’ Tours allow a client or customer to obtain a first hand experience of your property or venue.
  • You can use either a VR headset, a touch screen tablet or a mobile phone, to walk-in and through a property from the convenience of your own home.
  • Qualify ‘real’ interest in properties or venues by allowing clients to see enough of the space to decide whether or not it is for them.
  • Save time and money by having a fully knowledgeable client who has a genuinely informed interest.

Are virtual reality tours for me?

Each visual tour is bespoke to your requirements. We can add your brand, phone number and opening hours. We can also create ‘Meta-tags’, website links and even video links to emphasise the various qualities or key features of your property, venue or space.

With the recent advent of Google Cardboard headsets, this form of 360° viewing is bringing VR to the masses. These cardboard headsets can be branded with your own company logos to create more marketing opportunities. We can supply branded and un-branded Google Cardboard headsets for displaying our 3D Visual tours, perfect for showcasing your experiences at roadshows or events.

Virtual Reality Tours are fast becoming a big part of new marketing media and is not only becoming the ultimate way to view a property or an event, but the norm.

All of our virtual reality tours are built for ease and can be easily navigated. Users can virtually walk around your property without moving.

How do virtual reality tours work?

Whilst on your mobile device, just click on the ‘mask’ in the bottom right hand corner and follow the on screen options.

Slip your mobile phone into a VR head set and you are ready. Effortlessly move around inside your virtual reality property by looking at one of the location dots for 3 seconds. After holding the gaze for 3 seconds, you will automatically be transported to that location. Within minutes you will forget you are in a different world and will be enjoying the adventure. Your clients will benefit from the experience of viewing your property in full 360° Tour whilst they move from room to room.

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Perfect for estate agencies

With our virtual reality tours being available to view anywhere in the world, they are perfect for selling and letting properties from all over the world. Take you clients to a virtual world without the need to travel.

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